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Passionate about inspiring others

We are a family business that has combined the long tradition of glasswork with the endless opportunities we have today to create a design that makes your home more pleasant because elegance is simplicity and simplicity is respectful with the environment.

Our works are based on Swedish designs and Sweden is the country that is considered the world leader in the environment. At Ecoglass we are aware of the benefits that all minimalist design entails in relation to the business impact on caring for nature.

When it comes to glass, Ecoglass selects those supplier companies that have environmental certificates. What does this mean?  A sustainable glass industry is one that is strongly committed to the environment, applying the latest available technologies in order to consolidate its competitiveness, maximize its efficiency and, consequently, achieve a considerable reduction in energy use.

If you choose an ecoglass, you will not only have a beautiful home, but you will also be strategically contributing to a society more committed to the climate and sustainable development.

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